Founded in 2002, the Tourism Management Major consists of three talents cultivation orientations, namely, Travel Agency Management and Tour Guide Service, Scenic Area Management and Service, and Tourism and Leisure Service. The Major aims to cultivate high-quality, specialized and application-oriented talents who can meet the needs of the development of both tourism industry and the society, acquire basic knowledge of tourism economy and management, have abilities and skills in tourism service management and tourism marketing, and lay a solid professional foundation with extensive knowledge, comprehensive quality, and strong abilities in communication, practice and innovation.

After 15 years of development, the Major boasts a highly educated and practically capable teaching team in a reasonable echelon formation. In 31 full-time teachers, 9 own PhD degrees, 3 are professors and 10 are associate professors. Over 80% of the teachers are double qualified in both academy and industry. At present, 1,078 students are studying the Major.

In 2009, the Major’s on-campus training bases for tourism service and management were listed as the key training bases of higher vocational education at the level of Jiangsu Province. The training bases include a travel agency operation and management training room, a simulated tour guide training room, a tourism e-commerce laboratory, and a travel agency co-constructed by the Institute and the enterprise. The Major also cooperates with 30 tourism enterprises, including 11 travel agencies, 12 tourist attractions, 4 star-rated hotels and 3 clubs, to build and share with them the training bases.

Since its establishment, the Tourism Management Major has cultivated 1,250 outstanding graduates, trained a large number of employees in tourism, and enjoyed a high reputation in tourism industry.